Clinton Davis

Full-stack web developer
Hiya, I'm a new full-stack web developer. Going through a career change. Actively looking for work and trying freelancing for a bit of income in the meantime.

Hosting for Clients

Hello, my freelance friends, I have a question about hosting for clients. What is the best way to go about it? 
Do you 
  1. Do you create all the accounts in your name and charge them accordingly per month?
  2. Get them to open the accounts, and get their login details so when it's all set up and running, that is it, until they need more work or maintenance.
Thanks in advance friends.
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Hello, I'm Clint, excited to be here, I'm going through a career change and have decided to do software development. I love it so much and would very much like to do this for the rest of my days. I just need to somehow get started.
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