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UX/UI Designer

E-Commerce Project - Interview Tips?

I'm interviewing for a part-time, UX project to work on an e-commerce product – basically, an online marketplace for scientists to purchase lab equipment.

I don't have a ton of relevant e-commerce experience with the exception of a marketing website for a beverage brand which was a 1-month project.

I don't yet know much about the project at this point having only spoken with the recruiter, so I don't anything about the UX work I'd be doing. I have a portfolio interview on Friday with their product manager and existing designer. I would love to hear from others who have worked in the e-commerce space.

Specifically, I wanted to ask the group: what have you found is unique about this space and what questions would you ask at the beginning of a project? I know e-commerce websites typically focus on business goals such as conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. Since this project is not part of the marketing team I'm not sure if there any other important considerations I should be aware of. 

Also, any tips for acing the interview? 😀

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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Working with an Agency as an Early-Stage Startup

A client recently asked me what she should be looking out for when interviewing with development shops/agencies as she considers working with them to build V1 of her healthcare product (a web app).

I learned that she has access to 2-3 developers for free if she uses a specific agency out of India – so this is very attractive to her. However, their client base is mostly blue-chip companies and I don't believe they have experience working with early-stage start-ups.  To note that as part of the package she would have access to one developer located in her time zone (PST).

Can anyone tell me what are the criteria you would typically advise founders in your network to look for, as well as explain the downside of working with an agency that doesn't have experience working with pre-MVP, early-stage startups?

This post should feel familiar to some of you as I posted a very similar question on this same topic last month! Thanks!
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