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Licenced Freelance Makeup Artist and Esthetician.
Is everyone loving this new space? Any questions about the new layout? 😊
Woohoo, that's great to hear! I know it's going to seem a little empty until people start posting (which is a bummer), but it's going to be 100x better than Slack once we get it rolling. Thank you for hanging with us through the transition!
Rachel replied
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Hey TFI! My name is Rachel, I am one of the community managers here! Also, Matt's Wife 😊 So excited to be in our new space and share this exciting transition with all of you guys! We hope you love the new space and find it easier and more organized! Feel free to reach out to Matt or myself if you have any questions! Look forward to all our new conversations & all the learning ahead! 
Hi Rachel, welcome to the community! Thanks so much for all your hard work as our community manager!
So happy to be here, I love this new space!!