Hey everyone! I thought it'd be fun to share a list of places we've all visited as a way to get to know each other better. No context or stories needed! You can list countries, states, or specific locations or landmarks using a map or list. It's totally up to you!

Most of my travel has been domestic via road trips, so here it goes:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Belize
  • Canada
  • The following 35 U.S. states:

You can create your state or country map on AM Charts!
I had a trip scheduled to Panama and Belize this last summer until the world went to hell!! How was Belize? I want to sit on a beach on Ambergris or Caulker and enjoy life!! Anyway I have lived in Milwaukee, Denver, Melbourne, AU, Cape Town, SA and now Tokyo, JP. Interesting where life takes us?

Any other digital nomads living elsewhere? 

Matt Olpinski replied
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Went to Hawaii on my honeymoon and was that beautiful. Agree with you totally. We stayed in a small studio on the ocean for a few days and I still vividly remember having my morning coffee staring over the water. Hope to get back to that scene one day!
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Yep, I love to travel and have itchy feet, as they say. So far I have visited 44 countries. I've lived in a few — Chiang Mai, Thailand for about 10 months. Marbella, Spain and Pokhara, Nepal for about 6 months each.

Here is a world map demo I made to display the countries I've visited (work in progress, best viewed on desktop):

Glad to see some other digital nomads here!
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In August 2019, Rachel and I took a road trip across the mid-western United States. We flew into Denver, Colorado, then drove through Utah and Arizona before spending a few days in Los Angeles, California.

Here are some of the sights we saw along the way (and why we chose to take this amazing trip!)

This looks like a great trip. The photos from inside those red canyons are wild.
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