Hey friends and fellow freelancers! If you were previously a member of our Slack workspace, welcome to the new community! Here's a quick guide to help you make the transition from Slack to Circle easier:

First, sign up via the invite link I sent in Slack's #general channel. Then:

1. Complete Your Profile
Make sure you complete your profile if you haven't already. Unlike Slack, our profiles here in Circle are much more robust. Add a photo, adjust your title, write a longer description, and add your website and social media links! You should also see a "Pro" badge on your profile, which indicates you're a paid member!

2. Introduce Yourself (Again)
I know this might feel a little weird, but treat this like a whole new beginning. It's important for us all to introduce ourselves here for current and future members. You can simply copy and paste your original intro from Slack (if you can find it) or write something totally new!

3. Post a Question
If everyone posts just 1 question after they join, it will quickly make our new community feel more full and active. You can definitely copy and paste questions from the Slack channels and repost them here. Don't worry about duplicating content or choosing the right space. Our community managers can adjust this later if needed.

4. Join an Interest Group!
Interest groups are totally new to our community. These are fun spaces where you can find common ground with other freelancers and get to know each other more personally! They are also member-driven, meaning any member can create a group they think others will enjoy. These are, of course, optional, but we encourage you to join at least a few!

5. Start Exploring!
Have a look around. There's a lot of new and exciting things to see here! For more information on how to use the new platform, read the other posts in the Getting Started area.


Marketing Website
We're extremely proud of our new marketing website, which is fully ready and will launch as soon as enough members transition over from Slack. For now, it's simple, but the positioning, imagery, and value propositions are much stronger than before, which we hope will increase engagement and conversions.

Unfortunately, we can't migrate much of the content from Slack to Circle, so we're essentially starting fresh here. That might seem like a big deal, but information got lost very quickly in Slack anyway. We encourage you to re-post questions and answers here and our community managers will be helping with that. Don't worry,  it won't be long before we populate this new community with valuable content that will remain accessible forever.

With the added value the new community provides, we have adjusted our pricing and, for the first time, we're 100% confident about the new model:
  • Monthly access will be $12 ($24)
  • Yearly access will be $96 ($192)
  • Lifetime access will be $192 ($384)
Once we reach 250 members, those prices will double. This will NOT affect any current members. You're all "grandfathered in" at the price you joined at!

Affiliate Links
Affiliate links will not be affected at all. We're still using Gumroad as our payment process and the product links have stayed the same. We have updated all the copy and graphics on the Gumroad products to match our new platform.

Slack Workspace
Eventually, we'll be retiring the Slack workspace permanently. However, that won't happen for at least a month or two and we'll give everyone plenty of warning and send several emails about it.

Have another question? Ask in the General Q/A area!