Circle is a new type of platform built specifically for communities that functions similarly to Facebook, but without all the noise, ads, and bloated features.

Below are a few quick tips to help you get familiar with using Circle! Visit the Circle Help Center to learn more.

1. Search Bar

Use the blazingly fast and powerful search bar at the top of the screen to quickly find users, comments, and topics!

2. Spaces & Space Groups

In Circle, the sections in the left sidebar are called "spaces", which can be organized into "space groups". Click on the space group title to show all the spaces in a fun grid view. Click the arrow to the left of the space group title to collapse the spaces. Click a space title to view all the topics in that space.

Each space can have a different layout (post view, list view, or grid view), so we can optimize each space based on its content and purpose! Learn more about spaces here

3. Topics

In Circle, posts are referred to as "topics". Before posting a new topic, do a quick search to see if there's another discussion like the one you were going to start already happening. When creating a topic, check out all the customization options you have available to you! Tip: topic titles are optional! Learn more about topics here.

4. Member Profiles & Tags

In Circle, member profiles are far more robust than on platforms like Slack. This is a powerful feature because sometimes you'll remember who posted something, but not where it was posted. Other times, you just want to see what a specific member has been posting recently or what spaces they're a part of!

Member tags allow us to organize or reward members with custom profile tags.

5. Notifications & Direct Messaging

Unlike Slack, notifications on Circle are all grouped together just like on Facebook or Instagram along with direct messaging in the upper right corner.

Visit the Circle Help Center to learn more.