Hey everyone! I just wanted to briefly explain what the tags or "badges" mean on member profiles (especially since that's new to members coming from Slack):

In Circle, we can assign tags (with colors and emojis) to member profiles! These are very flexible, so we can be creative with how we use them. Here's what I was thinking (and what we have in place currently):

  • All paid members will get a Pro badge. The Pro badge does not indicate you're a pro freelancer.
  • Freelancing experts will get a Mentor badge, which will be manually assigned by admins and moderators at our discretion. In the future, we may allow members to nominate each other for this badge!
  • Guests will get a Guest badge, which is good for guest speakers, event hosts, and anyone visiting temporarily.
  • Community Managers will get a Manager badge, which will help you know who to contact for help, support, moderation, or suggestions.
  • I gave myself a Founder badge so you can easily find me when scrolling through comments, but also just for fun :)
  • Admins get the special (and default) Admin badge.

As the community grows, we may offer free, limited access memberships, which would not get a "Pro" tag on their profile. We can also add, remove, or change tags at any time.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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