Right now, Circle's text editor is a bit limited. There's no emoji support, only one "heading" option, and the way you have to embed links is powerful, but the UX is strange.

However, they should be releasing a new and improved text editor in the near future that is MUCH better. I've used it myself and it's pretty awesome (and it includes emoji support)!

Until they release the new editor, you'll have to copy and paste emojis from another website like https://emojicopy.com

On Mac, if you hit ctrl+cmd+space you can bring up the emoji window!
Oh that's really handy for now, thanks! Wait until you see the new text editor though, you'll love it!

Side note: do you think emoji support should be at the machine level (like iOS) or the app level (like Twitter, Circle, etc)? In other words, should each app be responsible for their own emoji library, or should we have one global emoji library and all the apps can do away with their in-app emoji menus? 

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