We've added a Support Bot to our community! It will help us automate many tasks as our community grows. You can send Support Bot a direct message or mention it in posts and comments, but its greatest task is gathering job leads.

Support Bot spends every day roaming the vast and mysterious depths of the internet, searching far and wide for freelance jobs. When it finds a new job, it makes the long, perilous journey back home and delivers it to the Project Leads area of our community.

Left to its own devices, Support Bot would bring home any and all job leads, but we have given it extensive training from Master Feedly and Master Zapier.

Support Bot will only bring back jobs that are specifically for freelancers, lest it make the treacherous journey home only to find the job was deleted or left unappreciated by our community members.

You can find Support Bot in our member directory and see what jobs it's delivering in the Project Leads area of our community.
YAY! Support Bot to the rescue! haha! Love this, thank you so much Matt for training our new buddy! This is going to be super helpful! Cant wait to see what he can do! lol
Woohoo for those job leads!! Can't wait to see what our little support bot can do :) How often does the list get updated?
Jobs get added instantly whenever Support Bot finds a new job that has the word "Freelance" or "Freelancer" in the job title or description!

I previously included "Contract", "Part-Time", and "Remote" keywords, but it was pulling in way too many gigs that weren't relevant for freelancers.

Although, I don't seem to be getting notifications when a new job is added. Did anyone else notice that or just me?
I see! And nope, haven't gotten those either.
Hmm ok, I will contact support about that. It must not be triggering the notifications because it's a Zapier automation. Thanks!

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