With our new move away from Slack and onto the Circle platform, we're able to create an entirely new section of our community called Interest Groups.

As the name suggests, these will be spaces community members can join or create based on common shared interests such as:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Hobbies
  • Geographic Locations

Interest groups do not need to be freelance-focused (although they certainly can be). This is an area of our community where we can more easily get to know each other as people, not only as professionals.

How It Works

You can create, join, or leave an interest group at any time. Our current community plan supports up to 100 total "spaces", which means we can support plenty of new interest groups!

Because there can be so many interest groups, I've set up the space group to only show interest groups you've joined.

So if you don't see any interest groups in the left sidebar, click exactly on the "Interest Groups" title in the sidebar and you'll see a list of all the available interest groups you can join, just like in the screenshot at the top of this post!

So browse the interest groups we have and try joining at least 3 that you're most interested in! If you can't find 3 you like enough to join, feel free to create a new one!

Creating a New Interest Group

In this particular area of our community, any member (that's you!) can create an interest group. When creating a new group, try to keep it broad enough that many conversations can happen, but specific enough to keep everyone on topic.

For example, don't make an interest group called "Jupiter". Instead, make an interest group called "Space" or "Astronomy" with the Telescope emoji.

After you create an interest group, you can invite members who you think will be interested in that topic.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our interest groups, join a few you like, and start contributing posts and comments there!

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