Hey everyone! If you didn't know, our community admins have special access to Circle's product roadmap, user feedback, feature requests, and direct access to the Circle founders themselves.

That said, we wanted to give you a heads up about some of the new platform features that you should be seeing in the near future!

Remember, Circle is a brand new platform (launched August 2020) and while it's pretty awesome, they are making some exciting improvements:

  • New Text Editor (Released!) - the current text editor isn't great. There's no emoji support and embedding links is a pain. We've used the new editor and it's MUCH better. Were looking forward to this update very soon!
  • Renaming "Topics" to "Posts" - I always thought the "Create Topic" button sounded strange. Circle agrees and I have the inside scoop they are actively working on renaming "topics" to "posts" throughout the platform in a future release!
  • Mobile App - the Circle mobile app is currently in beta and should be launching soon. It will be focused on member-features (not admin-features). The mobile web version of our community is really nice, but a native mobile app is going to be a very nice upgrade!
  • Improved Onboarding - when members join the community, their experience will be even better. We believe this includes some kind of built-in checklist!
  • Improved Direct Messaging - the direct messaging functionality is currently very limited (no formatting whatsoever and no attachment support). This should be getting an overhaul in an upcoming release
  • Group Messaging - along with improved direct messages, we should also be getting group chat functionality as well!

These updates roll out instantly, just like they did in Slack, but the timeline is pure speculation based on what we're seeing in the Circle product community.

Circle has many more updates in the works, but those are the big ones that will have the most impact on you and should be released in the near future (hopefully within a month or two).

If there are any features you want to see Circle add, let us know and we can be your spokesperson to them!
I definitely need the app, excited to see that!
Me too! I can't wait for it to be released! It's been in beta for 4 months now, so fingers crossed it will be soon!
Update: the new text editor is finally here!! 😍
Update: I found Circle's public product roadmap so you can all see the exciting features they're working on!

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